25 years, 25 story initiative

Brian is just one of the tens of thousands brought into this world at Bellin.  Imagine the impact each person has had in this world. In Brian's case, lives continue to be inspired across the globe... from the nurse in the delivery room, to the latest scholarship recipient.  

You too, are making a difference.  Please take a moment to watch the latest news coverage from yesterday. Other videos are featured at the links below. 

Thank you so much to Bellin Health, George Kerwin, Vicki Parmentier, Emma Jeschke, NBC 26, WBAY-TV 2WFRV-TV 5, WLUK-FOX 11, the Press Gazette, and Adrian Dean of the Community Magazine. 

Yesterday, we also unveiled our '25 Years, 25 Stories' initiative, detailing how one life can truly make a difference in the lives of thousands. 

This year we will be highlighting past scholarship recipients, the families we work with who have scholarships in honor of their loved ones, donors and other supporters.  Please let us know if you know of someone or would like to be featured.  This journey would not be the same without you.