Chapters yet to be written, by Kristin Coleman

We think you will find our latest member of our Advisory Board's story interesting, as her mom was one of the labor and delivery nurses when Brian was born....

Hello everyone!

Stepping up and becoming a part of something larger than my immediate world has been nagging my heart for some time now.   As we all know, life is short and the twists and turns can be awful and amazing in the same breath.  

Then it came to me!  Brian's Foundation was a good fit. 

One of my biggest influences in my life is my sweet mother.  We just celebrated her 85th birthday this past February.  Some of you may have met her at the gathering at Lambeau Field last August.  She was there to represent Brian as the Labor and Delivery nurse that was there on his birthday.

 Kristin Coleman with her mom, Marion Skelton  

Kristin Coleman with her mom, Marion Skelton  

She has been an amazing role model that caused me to follow her footsteps into nursing.  She taught at Bellin College of Nursing prior to my graduating there.  

I also worked in Labor and Delivery, as a Surgical Technician prior to graduation.  Our lives further parallel as I have since embarked as a Nurse Educator after obtaining my Master's Degree in Nursing Education.

I was born and raised in Green Bay, the youngest of 5 daughters.  Yes the "estrogen pool" is very deep!  I live in the shadow of Lambeau Field with my husband Jeff and our children Jacob (age 17) and Emily (age 13).  Jeff and I will celebrate 25 yrs of marriage on August 14th of this year.

Mom was excited to have me mail the traditional "apple cap" she knits for the new babies of our family.  The one pictured is for Kim's baby.  Mom was thrilled to make one for her. 

 Kim LaViolette Mosteller's son, Walker in Marion's handmade apple hat... he has room to grow into it for the winter months ahead!

Kim LaViolette Mosteller's son, Walker in Marion's handmade apple hat... he has room to grow into it for the winter months ahead!

I look forward to helping in any way I can to promote education and help those that are reaching for higher ground.  Thank you for allowing me to share my story with chapters yet to be written.

Sincerely,   Kristin Coleman MSN/Edu RN

Welcoming a new member of our family.

Kim, W, hospital.JPG

Executive Director, Kim LaViolette Mosteller and her husband Isaiah, along with some happy grandparents, are proud to welcome an addition to our family.  Walker Lune Mosteller was born on 5-29-18 at 9:07pm.  He weighed 6lbs, 5 oz and is 18 inches long and growing. 

Isaiah and I realized how hard it was to name a baby, but we did agree we wanted it to have meaning in our lives...

"Walker" is a nod to the grounded mode by which we enjoy experiencing our neighborhood and our world. And like our walk together on the Camino de Santiago, we think of becoming parents as a long pilgrimage walk - a journey that we can never really be prepared for in the whole, but the magic happens amid the accumulation of thousands of small daily steps.


Throughout the pregnancy we referred to him as little "lune" which is french for "moon" since he was conceived on our honeymoon.  When he decided to enter the world under a full flower moon, we decided to keep it as his middle name.

 Full moon outside of Mission Hospital 5/29/18

Full moon outside of Mission Hospital 5/29/18

 Grandparents Renee and Doug, Kim, Walker, Isaiah and El Guapo

Grandparents Renee and Doug, Kim, Walker, Isaiah and El Guapo

We look forward to introducing Walker to the importance of community and family... and share stories of all of you that have joined the Journey along the way. 

Kim, Isaiah and Walker 

2018 Brian LaViolette Scholarship recipient

Today, Brian's Foundation surprised Bailey Conradt during his AP Psychology class at Ashwaubenon High School.  A team of staff and others shared the news that he was selected as this years' recipient of the Brian LaViolette Scholarship for $10,000! 

He is pictured here with his parents and Doug and Renee LaViolette.

2018- Partners-Bailey Conradt.jpg

One student from the 17 high schools in the Partners in Education school district apply.  The top 5 finalist are interviewed by the LaViolettes and members of Partners in Education.  Bailey will be attending UW-Madison to pursue a degree in Engineering, Political Science and/or Music.

The recipient of this scholarship is a student who has a thirst for knowledge, the ability to be a team player, and the desire to be a future leader…aspects of life that were important to Brian while he was growing up and attending school in De Pere.  Find more details on the Brian LaViolette Scholarship here.

"This is someone that needs to be acknowledged"

Isn't it refreshing to hear good news on TV?  One of our advisory board members, Bill Welter, saw a news story on a young man graduating from UWGB last year.  He and his wife, Pam, were inspired by his story and said, "this is the type of man who needs to be acknowledge."

Thanks to the Welters, the Riley Garbe Scholarship will be awarded at Freedom High School over the next 10 years.  Riley graduated from there in 2013, went on to UW-Green Bay and is now a full-time Spanish teacher.

Going to college was a far-fetched idea for Riley, as he grew up surrounded by drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and violence. Despite the adversity Riley faced throughout his childhood, he persevered and achieved his goals. He has chosen to react to his tough life by sharing love with the world. 

The Riley Garbe Scholarship is a $2000 award.  Riley was taken by two of the applicants and decided to split the funds and award a scholarship to both.  

This years' recipients are Taylor Witthuhn (left) who will be studying Neuroscience and Psychology at UW-Madison and Maya Kwasny (right) who will be studying Psychology at UW-Milwaukee.

To read Riley's powerful speech from last week's presentation, click here.

You can also view the latest story on WBAY-TV2 by clicking the photo below.

General Patton Scholarship of Honor, Plzen Czech Republic... Advisory Board member, Bill Welter's experience.

I read about the Liberation Festival and was told by Doug LaViolette that you have no idea how moving it is until you are there in person. Well, from ‘Doug’s lips to God’s ear’ it was true.

The 6 days of celebrations and moving speeches is hard to capture in words. I witnessed 123 wreath laying at various memorials and each one was more moving than the last.

Wreath-Bill's photo.JPG

Brian’s story was the impetus for the Scholarship of Honor award. The citizens of Plzen heard Brian’s story and were moved by the generosity of so many contributors.

 2018 General Patton Scholarship of Honor recipient, Barbora Lavičkova

2018 General Patton Scholarship of Honor recipient, Barbora Lavičkova


General Patton’s grandson, Pat Waters, was in all events and told the Brian story repeatedly with emotion and respect.


I was fortunate enough to help with a contribution to the scholarship in honor of my brother-in-law, Jim Wilson, who accompanied us to Plzen. He told me it was the highlight of his life.

Pat Waters reception.jpg
 Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson


But what touched me the most was the unbelievable love the people of Plzen and the Czech Republic have for Americans. It was so emotional and I cried many times.

I came to Plzen believing the U.S. cannot be the policemen of the world and left with the truism…FREEDOM IS NOT FREE….IF NOT US THEN WHO? .

 Bill Welter

Bill Welter


Thanks to the Brian LaViolette Foundation's Scholarship of Honor program... it changed my life.