"The journey is the reward"

-Brian laviolette


Brian Douglas LaViolette 1977 - 1992

Brian Douglas LaViolette
1977 - 1992

How the Journey Began...Brian's Story

Through great loss has come inspiration.

One family's tragedy has given others the chance to pursue their highest dreams and aspirations.

At just 15 years old, Brian LaViolette was wise beyond his years. He loved his family and friends, made time for soccer, golf and enjoyed playing the trumpet in his high school band. But with the fun came hard work. He excelled in school and set his sights on college.

Brian's life was claimed in a swimming accident and from that day forward, the LaViolette Family and his community promised that in his name and memory, we will accomplish great things. The Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation was created and nearly two and a half decades later, has grown to provide financial support and inspiration to students, families and communities worldwide.