Brian LaViolette Spirit Award


Since 2011 the Brian LaViolette Spirit Award has served as a permanent recognition for a select group of individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership, commitment and extraordinary compassion. The recipients selflessly give of themselves to improve their community and to Brian’s Foundation

The Recipients

Donald Driver

Donald Driver received our first Brian LaViolette Spirit Award in 2011. He was selected for all of his work through his foundation which helps fight homelessness, poverty and assists in education and career development


Nick Del Calzo

Nick is an award winning photographer and truly gives back through his photographic projects. His previous works include New York Times best-selling book Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty as well as the book and accompanying national exhibition, The Triumphant Spirit: Portraits & Stories of Holocaust Survivors.


Zach Sites

We first met Zach when he received the 2007 Eric McColley Scholarship of Honor we present at Gettysburg High School. Zach was one of our first recipients to contribute his hard earned money back to the Foundation.  He became an EMT and fire fighter in the Gettysburg area and has made a difference in the lives of others and through his community.


George Patton "Pat" Waters

Pat may be best known as the grandson of General George Patton, but is honored for his support, encouragement and involvement throughout the world.  He is a on the Board of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, the Board of Trustees of Pfeiffer University where he got his Business degree, a Board member of Roper Hospital Medical Facility, a graduate of Mt. Pleasant Citizen’s Police Officers Academy, and more. Pat serves on the Foundation's Board of Advisors. 


Darrel Burnett

Darrel had the impossible task of presenting Brian’s eulogy and on that day, he promised Brian that in his name and memory we would accomplish great things. He has been a pivotal part of the Foundation keeping that promise. He has provided countless hours of copy editing advice and insights and has been the Master of Ceremonies for all of our special events, which he does without referencing a single note on stage. He serves on the Foundation’s Advisory Board and Board of Directors.


Gregg Schneider

Almost everything that you have seen or held in your hand showcasing Brian’s Foundation was designed by Gregg Schneider. From the very first day we became a Foundation, Gregg has donated his time and talent for the Foundation’s design work. He works long, late hours to help us capture Brian’s spirit and what the Foundation does. 


Connie and Bill Schuler

Bill and Connie have been a constant in our lives since their son, Chris, played soccer with Brian growing up. They are the first ones to arrive and the last to leave when we need them, and our minds are at ease knowing they are behind us in both personal and professional matters. The Schulers have become our “go to” people for special events put on by the Foundation.  Connie and their son Chris also serve on the Foundation’s Board of Advisors.


Ron and Colleen Weyers

Ron and Colleen Weyers.jpg

Ron and Colleen Weyers, along with their entire family are involved with many organizations in our community. Whether it is UWGB, the Brown County Library or St. Norbert College, they truly go above and beyond. To date, the Weyers Family Foundation is the largest contributor for Brian’s Foundation. They believe in education and their belief in what we do and our mission allows us to support our youth…one scholarship at a time.

Image courtesy of Countryside Photographers,


Barb and Patrick Foye

The Brian LaViolette Spirit Award was presented to Barb and Patrick Foye-an American couple who has lived in the Czech for over two decades, as the General Patton Scholarship would not be feasibly without them. They truly are an instrumental part and go above and beyond in all that they do..


Bob Nueske

Bob Nueske.jpg

"If the love of what you're doing exceeds the labor of doing it... success is inevitable."- Bob Nueske

Sadly, Bob Nueske passed away in 2015.  With plans to bring his whole family to Pilsen, Czech Republic where he helped establish the General Patton Scholarship of Honor, they decided to still make the visit to experience where Bob's passion grew.

Nueske Family, Pilsen 2015

Nueske Family, Pilsen 2015

Doug presented the family of Bob Nueske the Brian LaViolette Spirit Award for Bob's dedication, encouragement and talent to inspire the Brian LaViolette Foundation to love what it's doing. 


Lee and Kathy Anderson

Lee and Kathy Anderson are dedicated to honoring all those who serve our great country in uniform and have a lengthy and widespread history of volunteerism and philanthropy in the Green Bay Community. They are the sponsors of the Scholarship of Honor Story film by the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation and support today’s Veterans any chance they have. Lee and Kathy Anderson are proud and excited to support the Engineering Technology program at UW-Green Bay through an endowed scholarship established. The two of them are always seen among the avid fans at UWGB basketball games, or volunteering at the NEW Zoo.


Wm. "Red" Lewis

Wm. “Red” Lewis, founder of PDQ Car Wash, PDQ Manufacturing and The Automobile Gallery, has a driven and quiet passion of helping others. Red is known throughout the community for his philanthropic efforts. He was one of the first car wash companies in the nation to offer scholarships to employees and feels one of his greatest accomplishments is the fact that he has been able to give over 20,000 kids their first job giving them the opportunity to establish a foundation of a lifetime solid work ethic. Red is also a supporter of the Salvation Army’s Coats for Kids Campaign and Notre Dame Academy. More recently, Red created The Automobile Gallery, a non-profit organization. The mission is to appreciate the automobile as art. …and to educate, inspire and share that passion with others so they, too, can truly appreciate the form and function of the automobile – past, present and into the future.


Martin Baxa

Martin Baxa epitomizes leadership, dedication and support to the citizens of Plzen, Czech Republic. For those of you who had the opportunity to hear Plzen's Mayor, Martin Baxa address the audience at the Meyer Theatre in Green Bay Wisconsin on 11.12.13 you may have a better understanding of the man he is. Deputy Mayor Baxa has passion, compassion and spirit for the American Veterans who liberated Pilsen on May 6, 1945 and the American people today.

As the Mayor of Plzen, he was instrumental in helping to establish the General George S. Patton Scholarship of Honor. Martin is a history and geography teacher in the secondary schools in Plzen and believes strongly in education.

Martin was presented The Brian LaViolette Spirit award at the 5th annual Scholarship Of Honor reception on May 8, 2016 at the home of Barb and Partrick Foye by Brian's Dad, Doug LaViolette. He is pictured here with his wife, Simona.


Sue LeTourneau


Sue LeTourneau, Doug’s sister and Brian and Kim’s aunt, is a passionate person.  She is loyal in the things she feels strongly about… from Brian’s Foundation, Miles 4 Madyson… and Brett Favre.

Sue was on the advisory board for 13 years and established many scholarships at Oconto and Suring High School that she is still involved with.   And she believes in the “Journey”.


Bob Burns

Bob Burns and the LaViolettes became neighbors in 1985.    When the Brian LaViolette Foundation was established, Bob, as an attorney, was our first board of director.  He has been with the Foundation ever since.   Bob has guided the Foundation through 25 years with his calming presence, quick humor and expertise.


Victoria Parmentier


Vicki Parmentier makes things happen.  She is quick to jump in and help and she has been for the past 25 years.  She joined the advisory aboard when it was established in 2003 and is a great ambassador for Brian’s Foundation. 

Vicki has established many scholarships, has been on many event committees and shares Brain’s story and the Foundation in her worldly travels.  The Foundation couldn’t ask for a better ambassador.


bill jartz

For those of you who have seen Bill Jartz in action, you know he loves what he does.  As a news anchor, he is a busy man.  But he donates his time and talent to so many organizations and events in his free time.

Bill had 87 community appearances representing WBAY in 2016 alone.  Brian’s Foundation has seen first hand the passion and talent he brings to an event and we are just one of the 87.    There is no way to quantify how many people he has helped support throughout the years.


Jim Rivett

Jim Rivett, photo by Frievalt Photography

Jim Rivett, photo by Frievalt Photography

Before the untimely death of community leader Jim Rivett last August, Brian's Foundation was working on a time we could award him the Brian LaViolette Spirit Award. We had the opportunity in August 2019, in Jim's honor to present it to his husband, Pete.

Without realizing it, chances are you have probably seen Jim and his teams' work. From the creation of Brian's logo over 25 years ago, Jim and his team, continually guided us to keep brand standards and develop unique ways to share Brian's story and the Foundation. Their work for the Foundation has been in the hands of thousands and thousands of lives throughout Northeastern Wisconsin and beyond.

As many in the community, we miss Jim dearly. He will forever remain in our hearts and we are grateful to his dedicated team, now a part of Elevate 97, who also have big hearts and passion to make a difference in our community.