A reflection from Brian's cousin and Foundation Board member, Jen Mulhall

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try." -John F. Kennedy

During my last year of pharmacy school, I rotated through various pharmacy practice settings. One of my supervisors would often ask me at the end of the workday: "Tell me about a difference you made today." I have to admit that there were days I struggled to come up with something. I felt it was difficult to have much of an impact on someone's life while working in a very busy pharmacy.

Looking back, I admire his efforts in trying to reflect on the day in a positive way. We all have things that go wrong during the day. If we make an effort to think about a difference we made in someone's life, it helps to put those bad things in the background, and focus on the good. It doesn't have to be at work - it might be helping an elderly person in the grocery story, walking the neighbor's dog, or reading to a child.

I think my cousin Brian was very good at focusing on the positive, and as a result, was so likable. I wanted to be just like him! He was popular, good at sports, and really smart – yet I don't recall him ever being arrogant about those things. He wouldn't put someone down – on the contrary – he would build others up, support them, and help them become better.

If asked to talk about a difference he made in someone's life, I think Brian would have been able to describe occasions where he did just that on a daily basis. For a young person, that is remarkable. If we look over the past 22 years since his passing, the even more remarkable thing is that he continues to make a difference. Renee, Doug and Kim have taken Brian's positive ideals and spirit, and through the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation, pass those values along to graduating seniors who aim to make the world a better place.

I'm proud to be a part of the Foundation board. I would like to challenge you all to think about a difference you have made today, and to continue to support the Foundation, to help these extraordinary scholarship recipients make a difference in their careers. -Jen Mulhall