56 Journeys

Over the years, we all have learned that ONE person can truly make an impact out there, influence those they meet and inspire others in the endeavors they choose to be a part of.

As a Foundation, we are assisting 56 students this year on their journey. Those 56 individuals are from varying cultures, have different family backgrounds, unique dreams and have set out to make a difference in this world. 

If one person can make such an impact, just think what 56 offer this world! 

As a 'Foundation Family', we are ALL a small part of the following journeys. 

Our 2014 scholarship recipients shown in bold. (in order of presentation date)

Joel Gentz Scholarship: Charles Logsdon, United States Air Force

Sal Giunta Scholarship: Shelby Chostner, Nursing

General George S. Patton Scholarship: Barbora Petermannova, Nursing

Matt Atkinson Community Scholarship: Emily Whitston, General Studies

Joe Welke Scholarship: Chassandra, Marine Corps

Ron Sager Scholarship:  Sara Riehle, Nursing 

Victoria Parmentier Scholarship: Carleigh Sachs,Education

Rachel Bosveld Scholarship:  Kelsey Thompson, Nursing 

Kyle Hemauer Scholarship: Marcus Wise, Pre-med

Jerome Hatfield Scholarship: Claire Gray, Pharmacy  

Andrew Brownfield Scholarship:  Phouthasone Sayavong, Education

Isaiah Hunt Scholarship:  Andrew Wojkiewicz, Marine Corps

Danny Dietz Scholarship: Michelle Mai, Pre-med

Robert Foley Scholarship: Charles Witaker, United States Army

Len Keller Scholarship: Raven Wainwright, Pharmacy 

Brian LaViolette Scholarship: Kelly Szczepanski, Nursing

Ellsworth-LaViolette Scholarship: *first annual presentation 
    Brady Blasher, Agriculture
    MacKenzi Krieger, Physical Therapy
    Cheyenne Paulson, Classical Archaeology
    Japheth Willmore, Physical Therapy

Ryan Jerabek Scholarship: Mercedes Dumas, Nursing

Ben Edinger Scholarship: Shaina Dodson, Education

John Bradley Scholarship: Christian J. Filipiak, Physician's Assistant 

James Cathey Scholarship:  Christiana Karcher, Pre-med

Brent Vroman Scholarship: Haley Garvens

Jesse Thiry Scholarship:  Shae Schartner, Education

Ken Hess Scholarship:  Ashleigh Parton, Nursing

Ollie Bogsted Scholarship: McKenna Pyawasit, General Studies

"The Journey is the Reward" Scholarship: Tyler Fisher, General Studies

NWTC Scholarship-Suring High School: Jacquelyn Lenz

Ken Kubsch Scholarship: Michaela Schmidt,  Nursing

Eric McColley Scholarship: Dakota Peterson, Criminal Justice

Nichole Frye Scholarship: Olivia Storm, Criminal Justice 

Nueske Family Scholarship of Excellence: *first annual presentation 
    Katelyn Koeppel, Veterinarian 
    Brendan Lehman, Pharmacy

Above and Beyond Scholarship: Blake Campshure, Engineering

Esther Cleveland Safford Scholarship: Samantha Beekman, Education

Robert Safford Scholarship: Conner Moe, Business and Finance

"The Journey is the Reward" Scholarship: Kyle Krueger, Pre-med

NWTC Scholarship-Oconto: Carli Meyer, Graphic Design

Mike Colalillo Scholarship: Peggy Campbell, Nursing

Ken Stumpf-Elmber Burr Scholarship: Nathan Hunter, United States Army

South Africa Scholarship: Brian Ntshikila, Teaching  

Tom Hudner: To be awarded in August

Nainoa Hoe Scholarship: To be awarded in August

Poland Scholarships (6 students): To be awarded in September

St. Norbert Scholarships (4 students): To be awarded in October 

Junior Achievement-Awarded during Business Challenge to Amanda Charles in February