Donation to General Patton Scholarship of Honor in honor of Past Hero

George Thompson
A donation to the General George Patton Scholarship of Honor in Pilsen, Czech Republic was made in honor of George Thompson and the men of the 16th Armored Division, by George's son-in-law, Dale Rieb.  George Thompson spent three years on active duty in the United States Army  and continued to serve by staying in the reserves earning retirement as a 1st Sergeant.  

The skills he learned in the Army provided him a lifelong career as a mechanic. He remains actively involved in the 16th armored division annual reunions. George made his first trip back to the Czech Republic in 1991 and has attended the liberation celebration eight times visiting and making new friends. 

If you ask him about the war he says they were just doing their jobs and that he only made a small contribution to the war effort.  He will also tell you he has great respect for the Czechs and they have always impressed him with their optimistic outlook on life despite all the country has been through.

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