What does this scholarship mean to you?


"I am so grateful for the scholarship your family has offered to me, but much more so is having the honor of your confidence and trust. It was truly an incredible way to start my day, and to the rest of my education. I am so excited to have been able to meet your family, and to be able to learn more about the Foundation and Brian's life. After our interview, I was just so happy to have met you. 

Donglin Linda Zhang


"It is an honor to receive the James Cathey Scholarship of Honor. Thank you for honoring me with this opportunity that will benefit my goals.

Thank you for giving me this chance. I will add this special gratitude onto my experiences as I reach for my goals. This scholarship will help me with lab fees for next year when I go into college at the University of Nevada, Reno. Receiving the scholarship and this honor medal from Lt. James Cathey’s family gave me a motivation check and I guarantee you will not be disappointed in choosing me as the recipient of this award. Thank you for encouraging and pushing me more to accomplish my goals."

Cristina Adame Delgado, 2015 James Cathey Scholarship of Honor recipient


"This scholarship will help me achieve my goals. My plans are to pursue a career in secondary education in life sciences and music. I hope to help young people in the future and bring a smile to their faces. Thank you for the opportunities this scholarship brings."

Hannah Heyer, Ron Sager Scholarship recipient 2015


"This scholarship means everything, any scholarship means everything. It tells me that the people who run the scholarship foundation believe in what I want to accomplish, and for me to follow my dreams in computers."

Douglas “Scott” Exworthy, Robert Safford and NWTC Oconto High recipient 2015


"This scholarship will honor Ken’s life and keeps his name alive for causes that were important to him.-helping others through the knowledge of science. This scholarship enables me to go directly to Stevens Point and helps me cover the high costs of college. Through receiving this scholarship I am am able to carry on the work Ken would have appreciated. Thank you ever so much for this gift. I will not let Ken or Brian down."

Cassidy Ryan, 2015 Ken Kubsch Scholarship


"I am truly honored to receive the scholarship in the name of the student who saved East High School. This scholarship is an opportunity to help me pursue my dream of helping others."

Clarissa Skaletski, 2015 Matt Atkinson Scholarship recipient


"I am honored to be receiving the Victoria R. Parmentier Scholarship. It’s truly inspiring to receive a scholarship from such a successful Ashwaubenon High School Alumni. Through Victoria and the Brian Laviolette Foundation, I am beyond grateful to be able to continue my education and pursue my future goals."

Clare Cuene, 2015 Victoria Parmentier Scholarship recipient


"This scholarship enables me to continue education at Purdue University and training at Purdue AFROTC Det. 220 to improve myself and serve others in honor and spirit of Joel Gentz."

Jonah McCrorey, 2015 Joel Gentz Scholarship of Honor recipient


"Being the sole recipient of the Rachel Bosveld Scholarship of honor this year was truly an honor. The presentation of the scholarship by Rachel’s parents was very suspenseful and engaging, therefore allowing it to become the award that everyone swished to have a chance at. Along with the monetary aspect, receiving a medal was really special. It will be something I will never forget. As I attend the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse next year for physical therapy, I hope to represent Rachel in a positive manner and fulfill our dream of helping others."

Taylor White, 2015 Rachel Bosveld Scholarship of Honor recipient


"I wanted to thank you for awarding me the Captain Thomas J. Hudner Scholarship and show my appreciation for choosing me as a recipient. With the money that was awarded me, I will be able to pay for college and living expenses… I cannot fully convey how appreciative I am with words or letters. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you."

Lennon Mauel, 2015 Tom Hudner Scholarship of Honor


"This scholarship means a lot to me, because it enables me to achieve my goals. It gives me great pride and the assistance I need to achieve my dreams in the future. Thank you so much for the Ollie and Helen Bogsted Scholarship to further my education. I am truly grateful. I am so excited to go to UWGB to pursue a career in social work. With your generosity, I will be able to pursue my dreams. I will work hard to achieve all my goals."

Mackenzi Lamarre, 2015 Ollie and Helen Bogsted Scholarship


"Coming from a low income family my basic needs have always been met. However, I am responsible to pay for my college education. It is my ambition to help discover the cure for HIV and share my discovery with the world. I plan to major in Chemical engineering. With great ambition comes great prices to pay in order to accomplish them. Receiving this scholarship has lightened the financial burden on my family here and my family back in Nigeria. It has also given me hope for the future which allows me to focus on the most important aspect of school learning."

Ramandan Raji, 2015 Ray Zimmerman Scholarship


“It’s hard to define what a scholarship means. For me, a scholarship means peace of mind. Paying for college has never been easy and it is getting harder every year. This scholarship will enable me to focus all of my effort on my schooling instead of worrying how I will pay for school. The opportunity that this scholarship has given me has taken a lot of pressure off my shoulders. I am grateful for the opportunities that this scholarship will allow me to have.”

Sydney Wayner, 2015 John Bradley Scholarship of Honor


"I was honored to receive this scholarship and recognition for my accomplishments and hard work. This scholarship will help me with my college expenses as I continue my educational journey."

Andrew Clementz, 2015 Shanna and Wendell Ellsworth Scholarship


"This scholarship to me is a true honor and blessing that I was rewarded. As I said int he interview this is my journey and this is such a reward on helping me advance into higher schooling for my dream job. Thank you!"

Tori Hipke, Journey is the Reward Scholarship recipient 2015


"I am incredibly honored to be receiving the Ken Hess Scholarship of Honor. I cannot wait to pursue a nursing degree and begin helping others in my community. I am so thankful to the Hess family, as well as the Brian Laviolette Scholarship Foundation for making my dream possible."

Michaela Bissinger, 2015 Ken Hess Scholarship of Honor


"Its an honor to have received the Jesse Thiry Scholarship of Honor. I will always remember the value of service that Jesse Thiry had because of this scholarship."

Jesse Erickson, Jesse Thiry Scholarship of Honor recipient

McColley 2015 Emma and parents.jpg

"This scholarship means everything to me. It is an honor to represent a true hero. Representing Sgt. McColley who died serving our country, defending and protecting our rights and freedoms is an honor. I will dedicate my future to Sgt. McColley and his family for his future was cut short. Everything will be in his honor."

Emma Bahm, 2015 Eric McColley Scholarship of Honor


"Now that I have graduated, commissioned and had time to reflect, I want to thank you again for the honor of receiving the Lieutenant General Foley ward. West Point held a lovely ceremony for the award recipients I will always treasure that memory. I think of your family often. I promise to live up to the ideals reflected in this award and in your foundation."

Leora Reyhan, 2015 Robert Foley Scholarship of Honor


"I would like to thank you for selecting me as the recipient for the Nueske Family Scholarship of Excellence. I would also like to thank you for the wonderful plaque I received along with the scholarship. This scholarship will greatly help in funding my education."

Amelia Nievinski, 2015 Nueske Family Scholarship of Excellence in Food and Medical Science


"Receiving this scholarship not only means a lot to me but to my family as well. As you know, many of my family members have served our country and were extremely proud to see me receive this scholarship, especially my father. It will also be a great help come this fall. Not only did the scholarship mean a lot to me, but the Scholarship of Honor did as well and I will carry it for the rest of my life."

Katie Clark, 2015 Ben Edinger Scholarship of Honor


“Thank you for taking my application and choosing me for this scholarship. I am looking forward to using it toward UW Oshkosh next fall. I will be in Fort Benning most of the summer for Infantry Training. I love being in the National Guard and am Honored to be chosen for this.

Parker Blob, 2015 Ken Stumpf and Elmer Burr Scholarship of Honor