“The Journey is the Reward” Testimonials

"…and it was not until I read this book that I recognized the unique gifts that Brian possessed during his lifetime and the special ways you have embraced his ideals. Your scholarship fund and I’m sure your daily living as well, is a beautiful testimony to your son and brother. I am so impressed with your strength of purpose and dedication to Brian’s memory."

                     Sincerely, Emily Keebler-Notre Dame High School


"I found hope and inspiration through your book about Brian. I find motivation through the short sayings in the book from Brian and the hardships your family has overcome. These sayings will continue to motivate me through college and life when I run into obstacles or challenges."

                    Very truly yours, Paul Stevens-Bay Port High School


"My sincere thanks for the copy of Brian’s book, “The Journey is the Reward.” What an amazing young man. Thank you for sharing your heart with me. The book is a beautiful tribute to Brian and to each of you. Your story is moving and uplifting. Words cannot adequately express how I felt as I read each page. Know that I am grateful for your gift."

                  Barbara Schneider-DePere, Wisconsin


".. From your book, I have learned from Brian and you that courage is not simply something everyone has, but instead, something everyone must pursue..."

                  Alyson Sekadlo, Southern Door High School


"Brian’s legacy is alive and well through your efforts and the efforts of those around you. Your loving words and stories that you shared serve as a reminder to me that it is “little” things that are so precious in life. And those “little” things are the things that really matter in the end.

With highest regards,

                  Aaron Boldt- Wrap-R-Ator Company


"...the story of Brian’s life will comfort, encourage, and strengthen many who cannot imagine making it through another day."

                 Gary Beikirch, Medal of Honor Recipient


"...Experiencing how Brian lived shows how much more I could be. Brian is encouraging in all aspects of life-spiritually, socially, behaviorally...everything. I’m so thankful for you making the effort to spread his story and continue his legacy."

                   Ben Fischl, Brian LaViolette Scholarship recipient 2008