Wendell and Shanna Ellsworth Scholarship, Belding High School

In 2014, Shanna and Wendell Ellsworth established a scholarship at Belding High School. Both Shanna and Wendell graduated from there in 1959 and wanted to give back to the school and community of Belding, Michigan.


Chase Robinson is studying Medical Science atGrand Rapids Community Collge

Leanna Willingham is studying Nursing at Ferris State University

2016 recipients

Brook Linebaugh is studying at Ferris State University


Ryann Rich is studying Entrepreneurship at Montalm Community College



Andrew Clements is studying Business at Grand Valley State University.


Hannah Linebaugh is pursing a degree in Nursing at Michigan State University.



Brady Blasher, Mackenzi Krieger, Cheyenne Paulson, Japheth Wilmore all received the Ellsworth-LaViolette Scholarship in 2014.


Scholarship Sponsor

Shanna and Wendell Ellsworth