St. Norbert College Scholarship

St. Norbert College in De Pere,Wisconsin has been the work of nurturing leaders, alumni, faculty, and friends for more than a century.  Since 1992, young men and women who are the brightest and best have had a chance to pursue their goals and dreams with the help of Brian’s Foundation. These awards are open to DePere High School graduates and are based on academic and extracurricular excellence.

Scholarship Recipients

SNC 2018- Grace Beno.JPG


Grace Beno is a Fine Arts Major with the dreams of going onto grad school for illustration.


Kelsey Keast is a Junior majoring in sociology.

2017:  Kelsey Keast, Mitchell Winter

SNC-Kelsey Keast 2017 (1).jpg
2016 SNC Winter, Mitchell.JPG

2016: Mitchell Winter


2015:  Meagan Rahn, Mitchell Winter


2014:  Abbey Barnes, Meagan Rahn, Mitchell Winter, Emily Zegers 

2013:  Emily Zegers, Maria Marino, Meghan Monahan, Stacy Nehring

2012:  Brittany Bauknecht, Ann Bliss, Nicolas Brogan, Jared Heyn

2011:  Ann Bliss, Christopher DeCleene, Jared Heyn, Alex Hilke

2010:  Adam DeCleene, Jared Heyn, Alex Hilke, Lawrence March

2009:  Jared Heyn, Ryan Healy, Alex Hilke, Adam DeCleene

2008:  Alex Hilke, Ryan Healy, Adam DeCleene, Christine Schmitz

2007:  Adam DeCleene, Ryan Healy, Erin Pfeffer, Christine Schmitz

2006:  Ryan Healy, Erin Pfeffer, Christine Schmitz, Amanda Treml

2005:  Melinda Morella, Erin Pfeffer, Christine Schmitz, Amanda Treml

2004:  Kristen Feller, Melinda Morella, Erin Pfeffer,  Amanda Treml