St. Norbert College Scholarship

St. Norbert College in De Pere,Wisconsin has been the work of nurturing leaders, alumni, faculty, and friends for more than a century.  Since 1992, young men and women who are the brightest and best have had a chance to pursue their goals and dreams with the help of Brian’s Foundation. These awards are based on academic and extracurricular excellence.

Scholarship Recipients

2017:  Kelsey Keast, Mitchell Winter

SNC-Kelsey Keast 2017 (1).jpg
2016 SNC Winter, Mitchell.JPG

2016: Mitchell Winter


2015:  Meagan Rahn, Mitchell Winter


2014:  Abbey Barnes, Meagan Rahn, Mitchell Winter, Emily Zegers 

2013:  Emily Zegers, Maria Marino, Meghan Monahan, Stacy Nehring

2012:  Brittany Bauknecht, Ann Bliss, Nicolas Brogan, Jared Heyn

2011:  Ann Bliss, Christopher DeCleene, Jared Heyn, Alex Hilke

2010:  Adam DeCleene, Jared Heyn, Alex Hilke, Lawrence March

2009:  Jared Heyn, Ryan Healy, Alex Hilke, Adam DeCleene

2008:  Alex Hilke, Ryan Healy, Adam DeCleene, Christine Schmitz

2007:  Adam DeCleene, Ryan Healy, Erin Pfeffer, Christine Schmitz

2006:  Ryan Healy, Erin Pfeffer, Christine Schmitz, Amanda Treml

2005:  Melinda Morella, Erin Pfeffer, Christine Schmitz, Amanda Treml

2004:  Kristen Feller, Melinda Morella, Erin Pfeffer,  Amanda Treml