Lieutenant General Robert Foley Scholarship of Honor

Lieutenant General Robert Foley

Lieutenant General Robert Foley

United States Army Lieutenant General Robert Foley graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1963. He joined the infantry and went through Airborne and Ranger schools. By 1966, he was a twenty-five-year-old captain and company commander in the 27th Infantry in Vietnam. He earned the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Vietnam War on November 5, 1966. President Lyndon Johnson awarded it to General Foley on May 1, 1968.

He remained in the Army until 2000, attaining the rank of lieutenant general. He ended his thirty-seven-year military career as the commander of the Fifth Army, then became president of Marion Military Institute in Alabama, the nation’s oldest military preparatory school and junior college. Today, he continues to serve U.S. Army soldiers and their families as director of Army Emergency Relief, a private nonprofit organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Photo of General Foley by Nick DelCalzo




2018- Foley Group- parents with Leibs.JPG

Cadet Megan Bryn received the 2018 Robert Foley Scholarship of Honor.  She is pictured here with LTC David Jones, her parents and Brian LaViolette Foundation supporters, Janet and Charlie Lieb.








Cadet Aaron Lin is in the United States Military Academy graduating class of 2017.  He is pictured here with Col. David Jones.









Cadet Stephanie "Brooke" Hepfer is pictured here with LTG Foley.  Brooke is pursing a career in the United States Army.



Cadet Leora Reyhan is pictured here with Col Dave Jones of USMA.  Leora is pursing a career in the United States Army.



Cadet Charles Whitaker enlisted into the United States Army



Cadet Larraine Saavedra received the 6th annual General Robert Foley Scholarship of Honor. She remains a strong and determined young woman. Larraine was very involved in school and is the captain of the Women's Tennis Team at West Point.  She is pictured here with General Foley.



Prior to West Point, Cadet Joshua Stephens had hardships not common to many of his peers. But having worked through many of those challenges along with all those common to the West Point’s experience he has gained valuable insights and lifelong lessons that he plans to pass on those he leads in the future... we have no doubt.



Cadet Brian McBee received the 4th Annual Robert Foley Scholarship of Honor at West Point. Brian is pictured here with Col. Dave Jones of West Point.



Cadet Todd Lambka is pictured here with Col. Dave Jones who was key in the establishment of this award and Major Katherine Winans. Sadly, Todd was killed in the War on Terror in 2012.



Cadet Nethaj Ranaweera, Sri Lanka Army is pictured here with General Foley at the award ceremony in May 2009.



Cadet David Kennedy, United States Army

Photo left to right: Doug LaViolette, David Kennedy, David's Mom-Chris, brother-Geoff, and Dad-Edwin.



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