Barbora Petermannová

General information (April 2014)

High School: Nursing & Healthcare High School, Pilsen (2009-2013)

Higher Education: Nursing & Healthcare Vocational School, Pilsen (2013-2016)

Courses & Workshops: 5.3.2012 – 18.3.2012 Practical experience in a hospital (Regensburg, Germany)

Interests & hobbies: Volunteer fire department,  Nýřany (2005-present): leader & instructor of young firefighters.

Medic/paramedic with a Civil Defense and Protection unit: administering first aid in the course of disasters & evacuation of citizens

Work experience: Periodic caregiver (6 hours/week) for an 86-yr. old Alzheimers patient (March 2013 to the present)