About the Scholarships of Honor

The Scholarship of Honor Program through the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation recognizes a graduating high school senior with plans to enlist in the military or pursue a career in public safety or community service. These fields include law enforcement, fire safety, nursing, teaching, police science, ministry, social work, etc.

The award is in honor of the service and selfless sacrifice of our past and present military heroes.

The Scholarship of Honor program has allowed our message to touch the lives of many around the world. Scholarships are now awarded in a nationwide effort from Gettysburg to Honolulu, as well as three foreign countries.

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The Scholarship of Honor Story


A few words from Medal of Honor recipient, Sal Giunta

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The mission of the Scholarship of Honor

'To honor, to remember, those who serve while recognizing dedication, community service and selflessness in those who follow in their footsteps'