Second location of Danny Dietz Scholarship of Honor announced

2018- Dietz-Kate Russell.jpeg

“This scholarship means commitment.  It means sacrifice, service and above all, honor.  I am beyond grateful for not only the monetary reward of this scholarship but  the honor it bestows.  It opens so many more opportunities to serve and it gives me the confidence and encouragement to continue on this path I am taking.  Even though it is different than Danny’s, I still will serve with his same heart and bravery.“

Kate Russell, 2018 Danny Dietz Scholarship of Honor recipient

The Danny Dietz Scholarship of Honor has been awarded at Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado since 2007. This year, the Danny Dietz Scholarship of Honor will be awarded at a 2nd location at Austin High School in TX. Students of both high schools can apply online at:

In 1999, Danny graduated from Heritage High School and joined the Navy three months later. While in high school, he played football his senior year and was active in weight lifting and swimming. Danny had two weeks of service left in Afghanistan when he was killed on June 28, 2005. Danny was posthumously awarded one of our nation's highest honors for heroism, the Navy Cross. Danny's widow, Maria, said he was not only her friend and role model, but her hero. He is a true hero to so many.

The Danny Dietz Scholarship of Honor is made possible by the Mader family and the family and friends of the Dietz Family.