A seed is planted

We met Rose Scannell in 2005 after her son, Ben was killed in the War in Iraq.

Friends, family and the community came together to help establish the Ben Edinger Scholarship of Honor through Brian's Foundation at Green Bay West High School in 2005.

Rose has been involved with the scholarship process since the beginning.

Rose and Nikita.JPG

Rose was asked what impact she feels Brian's Foundation has had...

"The Brian LaViolette Foundation has an impact that no one will really be able to quantify.

  • There are people like me and my family.

  • Then there are the recipients who have the ability to go to school.. that impacts that individual and every person that individual touches.

  • Those individual involved in the Foundation, which are so many community members... They really care.

  • But there is more. Those people at the awards night- just at West High School-every year and then multiple that by every school... I can't even imagine.

A seed is planted they have information they didn't have before. Their hearts are touched in a way that they weren't touched before and they take that

information and that feeling with them and there is no way to know where all those ripples and all those effects go, but they are all there and it is all so positive.

So that is what I see."

Learn more about Rose's experience about having a scholarship in her son, Ben's name in this 5 minute video.