Scholarship recipient now in Medical School

2013 Brian LaViolette Scholarship recipient, Luke Buttke updates us on his first semester of Medical School..

Luke Buttke SLU Entrance 2018.jpg

“I was accepted to Saint Louis University for medical school and have just finished my first semester there! I feel like I fit in very well with the mission of the school which is to put humanism in medicine and focus on the patient and their needs. I’ve made a great group of friends that push each other to be as successful as we can and also take an edge off of the stress that comes with being in medical school.

So far I’ve completed statistics, cellular and molecular biology, anatomy, immunology, and am halfway through intro to pharmacology. They have all went really well and it’s been wonderful to begin my journey to becoming a physician. I am currently leaning towards pursuing a residency in emergency medicine, but am keeping my mind open until I go through all of my clinical rotations during my third year.

Thank you for everything you have done for me.”

Luke with his parents at his white coat ceremy

Luke with his parents at his white coat ceremy