Paying tribute to a great man... Ron Anderson

Ron and Fran Anderson 

Ron and Fran Anderson 

Ron Anderson played many roles in our life… not only was he Brian's Uncle, he was a key part of the Foundation.  Ron helped us with our website, when websites were new, he was always on hand to help with a special event and served on the Foundation’s Advisory Board.   

Sadly, Ron passed away last week at the age of 74.  Ron was a kind and witty man.  He was a loving husband to Fran, who now plays a pivotal part in the Foundation.  Ron enjoyed a 45-year career in multimedia including radio, television, and information technology. He was skilled in writing, public speaking, teaching, videography, photography, and editing. 

He was a great encourager of life, travel, the outdoors and the Journey.  He will be missed by many.

You can learn more about Ron here: