"This is someone that needs to be acknowledged"

Isn't it refreshing to hear good news on TV?  One of our advisory board members, Bill Welter, saw a news story on a young man graduating from UWGB last year.  He and his wife, Pam, were inspired by his story and said, "this is the type of man who needs to be acknowledge."

Thanks to the Welters, the Riley Garbe Scholarship will be awarded at Freedom High School over the next 10 years.  Riley graduated from there in 2013, went on to UW-Green Bay and is now a full-time Spanish teacher.

Going to college was a far-fetched idea for Riley, as he grew up surrounded by drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and violence. Despite the adversity Riley faced throughout his childhood, he persevered and achieved his goals. He has chosen to react to his tough life by sharing love with the world. 

The Riley Garbe Scholarship is a $2000 award.  Riley was taken by two of the applicants and decided to split the funds and award a scholarship to both.  

This years' recipients are Taylor Witthuhn (left) who will be studying Neuroscience and Psychology at UW-Madison and Maya Kwasny (right) who will be studying Psychology at UW-Milwaukee.

To read Riley's powerful speech from last week's presentation, click here.

You can also view the latest story on WBAY-TV2 by clicking the photo below.