Because of you, in 2018...

  • 57 students received a scholarship that inspired and financially supported them.

  • Those 57 students joined  781 others who have received scholarships before them for a total of 838 scholarships to date and counting.

  • 78% of the scholarships awarded through Brian's Foundation were presented in honor of someone other than Brian, allowing their spirit to live on. 

  • The total scholarship dollar awarded to date increased to $727,720.

You truly are investing in your community and our future leaders.  Thank you.

As a contributor to the Brian LaViolette Foundation, you become a major part of the life-changing inspiration to individuals throughout the world.  We promise you, that with your help, Brian's Foundation will continue to be a source of inspiration as we invest in leaders who continue to make this world a better place.

Please consider Brian's Foundation in your year-end contributions