Honoring his mother with contribution

By Marc Cannizzo

Marc C Parents1.jpg

Thank you for this opportunity to honor my mother, Marianne Cannizzo-Bigler, who completed her journey in July 2016. She was born in Bern, Switzerland, and grew up in a household challenged by the great depression. After World War II, she met John, my father, who was serving with the US Army in Germany and they married in 1949 in New York City, where she became a naturalized US citizen. She spoke no English at the outset, but by the end of her life, had developed a fluency and vocabulary—based on a life time passion for reading—that attracted comment and admiration from her friends and family. Though she did not go to college, she was supportive of my father’s academic endeavors under the GI Bill, and together they created a home for us kids that was based on self-reliance, respect for others and a lifelong commitment to learning.

My parents persevered in running their own household until their 89th year of life (and nearly 66 years together). When nursing care became inevitable, our whole family came to appreciate the valuable services provided by healthcare professionals, whose efforts supplemented and enhanced the love and attention given by family members.

My parents would surely join me in thanking all those who have mastered the art of serving the public interest without undermining private dignity and the virtue of self-reliance.

There is much more to this sweet story.  Marc's niece, Stephanie shares more through the words of Marianne and John themselves by clicking here.