"Scholarship Season"

Spring is what we call "Scholarship Season" around here, but that does not mean scholarships are finished being awarded for the year in May or June.

There are several scholarships proudly awarded after the main "scholarship season" that we would like to highlight for you.

Nainoa Hoe Scholarship of Honor

Hoe 2017- Vanna Nguyen.jpg

Every August 28th the Nainoa Hoe Scholarship of Honor is awarded at the Lt. Nainoa Hoe Mission Training Complex at Schofield Barracks in Honolulu Hawaii. 

August 28th commemorates Nainoa's birthday- this year would have been his 40th birthday and marked the 11th annual Scholarship of Honor awarded in his name through Brian's Foundation. 

This years' recipient, Cadet Vanna Nguyen is a sophomore at the University of Hawaii, at Manoa and is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Animal Science with the goal of serving as a Veterinarian in the U.S. Army.


"Aloha to a very special family whose legacy has touched countless lives and made a difference in immeasurable ways."  Allen Hoe, Nainoa's Dad


Bellin College Scholarship

Bellin 2017- Corrina Dart .jpeg

Bellin Hospital is where Brian and Kim LaViolette came into this world, so it holds a special place in our hearts.  We started this scholarship to honor and thank the nurses who spend their lives helping others. 

Corrina Dart from Algoma Wisconsin, received this years' Bellin College Scholarship through Brian's Foundation.  

She is a sophomore in the nursing program and is looking forward to clinicals where she will decide what she will be specializing in. She is pictured here with Renee and Doug LaViolette.

"I am so very grateful for the support I have been given and feel honored to have been chosen for it. I hope that my future in nursing leads me to more people who are as generous and caring as you all have been, and that I can give back in the best way I know how; caring for others. I cannot thank you enough!"  Corrina Dart, Sophomore Traditional BSN Nursing Student, Bellin College


NWTC... Sometimes Scholarships run in the family

For the past 17 years, Brian's Foundation has been awarding and recognizing graduating seniors from Oconto and Suring High Schools moving on to higher education at Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College.

NWTC-John Christensen, Cory, John.jpeg

Last month John Christenson from Suring High School and James Merline from Oconto High School were awarded this years scholarships. John is studying Radiography.  James is studying Automation Engineering and Electro-Mechnaical Technology.

Sometimes scholarships run in the family too! John's, brother Cody received the same scholarship a few years ago and is now a police officer. John and Cody are pictured with their dad, Ron and Doug and Renee LaViolette.



Poland International Scholarship of Honor

Poland Medal 2017.jpg

Over 70 scholarships through Brian's Foundation have been awarded to date in Poland. In 2003, the Foundation teamed up with the Nidzica Local Fund in Poland to coordinate the selection process for these scholarships.  

Nidzica is a small, rural area and our scholarship helps students attend universities in larger towns to pursue their dream of college education.

Next month, Dominika Wozniak will receive this years' scholarship sponsored by Darlene Nueske.  Dominika is in her second year at Warsaw Polytechnic, studying Biotechnology.



St. Norbert College Scholarships


St. Norbert College was one of the first scholarships the Foundation awarded. Since 1992, young men and women from DePere High School attending St. Norbert College have had a chance to pursue their goals and dreams with the help of Brian's Foundation. These awards are based on academic and extracurricular excellence and are announced later this month.

We look forward to springtime when most of the scholarships are awarded, but for Brian's Foundation, "Scholarship Season" is all year long.