A smile that won't be forgotten, by Kim LaViolette

Paul Zimmerman was truly a memorable man.  He passed away earlier this month and I felt sad for the loss in this world and also grateful to have known his laugh and his strength. 

Paul was a kind soul and an inspiration to all those he met, including us.  I have known the Zimmerman's for a long time, seeing that Paul's wife; Gloria was my 1st grade teacher.  


Mrs. Zimmerman remained one of my favorite teachers... and still is to this day.  I feel blessed to be able to say that we are still connected and we have the joy of working together to present the Ray Zimmerman Scholarship at Green Bay West High School and the South African Scholarship.  Both created and sponsored by Paul and Gloria through Brian's Foundation. 


One time they said, "Kim, the student has become the teacher and the teacher the student!" That made me smile, as they will always be teachers to me.

Through the years, we have had visits with each other, where I learned more about Paul and Gloria's travels, how they met, their connections with family and friends and about the years they spent teaching.  After our last visit, I felt inspired by all they have done in their lives and their love for each other. 

Paul and Gloria.JPG

Paul will continue to be an inspiration through the scholarships they sponsor and through all he has done for others throughout his life. You can find more details on Paul's life here.