2016 Brian LaViolette Scholarship Recipient!

We had a 'Publishers Clearing House' moment last week. Let me fill you in...

We surprised the 2016 Brian LaViolette Scholarship recipient, Eric Hess of Bay Port High School.  This scholarship award is $10,000 and will go to towards Eric's education at the University of Minnesota where he will study biomedical research. 
In the Partners in Education school district there were 3600 Seniors in the class of 2016.  One was selected to receive Brian's Scholarship. 

Through the administrative help of Partners in Education, one student from the 17 schools in the Green Bay district is asked to apply.  The committee narrows it down to 5 and our family, along with Ashley of Partners in Education interview the finalists. 

 Our surprise happened to be during Eric's choir class.


They even sang us a song!


This was the crew that was a part of the surprise. Bay Port High School's counselors, superintendent, principal and our family. Fun!


We heard from Eric after the surprise...

"Although it is true that the scholarship is certainly rewarding financially, I have to say that I am much more honored by the fact that a family such as yours, which has seen so many possible candidates for scholarships, selected me out of the crowd of many. 

I am still in a little bit of shock over it, because yes, like anyone else, it is easy to doubt myself, but knowing that the foundation has faith in me gives me confidence that I can live out Brian's message in my own life, and no monetary value can be placed on that encouragement."

Congratulations Eric, we look forward to following your Journey!