When we awarded our first scholarship at DePere High School, we had no idea what was ahead for Brian's Foundation. We were a grieving family taking it "one day at a time". We didn't know what was in store for us or the Foundation, but we continued to move forward.

The more students, families and communities we heard from, we realized we could take our "one day at a time" and change lives one scholarship at a time.

 Our first scholarship recipient is now 41 years old. He speaks on the impact the scholarship has had over 20 years later...

In a letter from Todd that was shared in our 1993 newsletter, he speaks of the scholarship presentation: "... this was a very special moment and one I will never forget. I received the award and hugged each one of the LaViolettes. We walked off the stage together into the hallway. I wanted to say so much to them, but all I could say was 'thank you'. I watched them walk away and realized how much a part of my life they had become."

We haven't forgotten that moment either, Todd. Thank you for continuing to be a large part of the Foundation and our lives. All we can say is 'thank you.'