We are proud to welcome Fran Anderson to our Board of Directors

Fran was Brian's Aunt and has served on our Board of Advisors for three years now, but she has been involved with Brian's Foundation since the beginning. 

"I believe in the mission of the Foundation.  I believe in Brian's principles, integrity and his search for purpose.  I served on the Board initially as a surrogate for and with my husband,Ron, as his capacities diminished.  I know that if he were able Ron would be helping to strengthen the Foundation in whatever way he could.  
I will continue to serve in a new role  with Ron, Brian and family in mind, but also the many past, present and future young people who will be creating their own legacies with the assistance of the Foundation." --Fran Anderson
Fran is always one of the first people to jump in and volunteer whenever it is needed, she supports the Foundation financially and is a big encouragement during the time of our events.  Her sense of humor is priceless. 
She is retired from a 30 year career serving in managerial and executive positions in residential and health care facilities and enjoys spending time with family, golfing, and outdoor activities.