The impact one scholarship can have

"If the love of what you're doing exceeds the labor of doing it... success is inevitable."- Bob Nueske

All of our scholarships have an impact that is not easily measured.  We were reminded of that a few weeks ago in the Czech Republic.  

Pilsen recipients
Our General George S. Patton Scholarship of Honor recipients: Adela Tanzerova (2013), Barbora Petermannova (2014), Alena Vebrova (2015), Kristyna Otaskova (2012)

It was a special time for Brian's Foundation for many reasons in the city of Pilsen earlier this May. Not only did we award our 4th annual General George S. Patton Scholarship of Honor to Alena Vebrova, but over 20 friends of the Foundation from the States shared the experience together.  20 people that would not have thought to spend their vacation in the small city in the Czech Republic if it wasn't for Bob Nueske's vision and dedication to share Pilsen's story and help create a scholarship to its students.

During this time, my Dad Doug LaViolette presented the Brian LaViolette Spirit Award on My 4th, 2015 at the Foye residence during a Scholarship of Honor reception with over 100 people in attendance.

Since 2011, the Brian Laviolette Spirit Award has served as a permanent recognition for a select group of individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership, commitment and extraordinary compassion.  The recipients give of themselves to improve their community and to Brian's Foundation.

Sadly, Bob Nueske passed away earlier this year.  With plans to bring his whole family with him this year, they decided to still make the visit to experience where Bo's passion grew.

Doug presented the family of Bob Nueske the Brian LaViolette Spirit Award for Bob's dedication, encouragement and talent to inspire the Brian Laviolette Foundation to love what it's doing.

Brian's Spirit Award was also presented to Barb and Patrick Foye-an American couple who has lived in the Czech for over two decades, as the General Patton Scholarship would not be feasible without them.  They truly are an instrumental part and go above and beyond in all that they do.

Success can mean different things for different people but for us it is when people connect, inspire and love wha they are doing.