Update from one of our Czech Republic Recipient

Kristyna Otaskova received the 2012 General Patton Scholarship of Honor Recipient, Pilsen Czech Republic.  We just heard from her and she is continuing to follow her passion of working in the social work field.  It sure takes a special person to do what she does and we are all lucky to have people in the world like Kristyna!  

“I have been working for 3 months in my new job, which I really enjoy.  I don’t know if you have this kind of work in the U.S.  I work with people who are homeless, drug addicts, unemployed, and/or self-supporting mothers. It means working with the lowest social level (i.e. social welfare) in the Czech Republic. Their benefits are supposed to cover the cost of living, hygiene, and clothing. It is very interesting work - I communicate with these people and try to help them find solutions for their living situation.  I really like the work, even though it is quite difficult...”