Our 2014 Scholarship Recipients Thank YOU!

“I would like to express how thankful and how very honored I am to have received a scholarship from this foundation.  I will be pursuing a secondary education degree for social sciences at UW-Whitewater.  I can’t send enough thanks for the contribution to my education and goals of changing the world through teaching."

Shae Scharther, 2014 Jesse Thiry Scholarship of Honor
Sponsor: Whetter Law Offices

“I am really honored to get this scholarship. In reading Brian’s story he seems like a person I would of hung out with. I look up to Brian LaViolette because it shows me that you need to live life to the fullest and appreciate every second. I think that he did that, and that’s why I am honored to receive this scholarship. Thank you very much.

--Tyler Fisher, Journey is the Reward Scholarship-Suring High School
Sponsor: Sue LeTourneau

This scholarship means a lot to me because Ryan risked his life to help others and although I will not be joining the military, I too wish to follow his dream of helping others. This money is going to help me pay for my college tuition, so I can follow and pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. I greatly appreciate everything this foundation is doing for all the students they support. I truly feel lucky to have received this reward.”

--Mercedes Dumas, Ryan Jerabek Scholarship of Honor
Sponsor: Premier Community Bank

“ I am humbled to have been recognized on behalf of Brian and LTG Robert Foley. Following in their footsteps will be a difficult journey, but their inspiration is leading me down the path to do all that I am able to help and assist those around me.”

--Charles Whitaker, 2014 Robert Foley Scholarship of Honor recipient
Sponsor: Brian LaViolette Foundation

"This scholarship is a blessing for me. It means a lot because it will help me with college and support my dreams to come true. Getting this scholarship is a great honor. Thank you.

--Phouthasone Sayarong, Andrew Brownfield Scholarship of Honor
Sponsor: Omnova Solutions Foundation

“Receiving this scholarship helps me fund my college expenses and can help me get one step closer to become a special education teacher. I want to help kids grown in their education and develop with their disability. I just want to make kids happy and enjoy life and learning.

--Mackenzie Busch, John Bradley Scholarship of Honor
Sponsor: Weyers Family Foundation

“To receive the Brent Vroman Scholarship is an honor to know I’m following in the footsteps of other great men and woman who served this country.  I’m very proud to have received it and I plan on using it as I attend UW Milwaukee and participate in the NROTC program at Marquette University.”

-Haley Garvens, 2014 Brent Vroman Scholarship of Honor
Sponsor: John and Kathy Lochner Family

“I am so honored to receive the Kyle Hemauer Scholarship of Honor. This scholarship will assist me in furthering my education and eventually entering the medical field. Thanks to the Brian LaViolette Foundation and the Hemauer family I will be able to achieve my life goal of helping others.”

--Marcus Wise, Kyle Hemauer Scholarship of Honor
Sponsor: Community of Chilton

There are so many words that come to mind when I think of Brian’s Foundation. The love expressed through Rachel Bosveld’s parents with the gift of their scholarship assistance and the endearing story of Brian will forever be a part of my own “story” as I chart my path to becoming the best registered nurse I can be. I choose the word “Gratitude” for helping me with my journey.

--Kelsey Thompson, Rachel Bosveld Scholarship of Honor
Sponsor: Bob and Darlene Nueske

“I cannot thank you enough for the generous scholarship and beautiful medal you have gifted me! With this scholarship I have the funds to accomplish so much in my college career, and for that I am wholly thankful. I am honored to have had my accomplishments recognized and my hard work rewarded in the way that this scholarship has recognized and rewarded me. Thank you again and again-the James Cathey Scholarship of Honor you have given me is a gift that I will make sure to put to good use.

Thank you for being so generous and for sharing the memory of Brian LaViolette and Lt. James Cathey with me.”
--Christiana Karcher, James Cathey Scholarship of Honor recipient
Sponsor: Remembering the Brave Foundation

“First of all it was an honor to receive this scholarship, especially knowing the meaning behind it. This scholarship will not only help me to further my studies but to continue to participate in volunteering through my future schooling. Ultimately preparing me for a career oriented towards helping and serving others.”

--Peggy Campbell, Mike Colalillo Scholarship of Honor
Sponsor: Guy J. and Karen R. Smith

“I’d like to start off with a huge thank you to yourself and the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation for choosing me as the recipient for the Esther Cleveland Safford Scholarship. Receiving this scholarship was a great honor and privilege to me. I greatly appreciate that you have chosen me to receive this scholarship.
--Samantha Beekman, Recipient of Esther Cleveland Scholarship
Sponsor: Victoria Parmentier

“This scholarships means that I have a name to live up to. I hope to bring great honor and pride to Elmer Burr and Ken Stumpf.

--Nathan Hutter, Ken Stumpf and Elmer Burr Scholarship of Honor recipient
Sponsor: Guy J. Smith, Suburban Electrical Engineers/Contractors Inc

“I would like to thank the men and women who have given their lives for the freedom and liberties I am able to possess. I am honored to receive this scholarship to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical field in order to serve my community.”
--Claire Gray, Jerome Hatfield Scholarship of Honor
Sponsor:  Endowment Drive Underway

“Thank you so much for choosing me to be your scholarship recipient. I am currently attending nursing assistant classes and I am also enrolled in LPN course for the fall of 2014 at the College of Menominee Nation. This scholarship will help me out a ton! Thank you so much.”

--McKenna Pyawasit, Ollie Bogsted Scholarship recipient
Sponsor: Family of Ollie Bogsted

“Thank you again for this opportunity and your generosity towards my further education. I am eager to enter the college of Liberal Arts at the U of M in the fall. My family and I eternally grateful to you for selecting me for your scholarship. I am determined to succeed in school and do my best to make a difference in the school system and the in many students’ lives.

--Shaina Dodson, Ben Edinger Scholarship of Honor recipient
Sponsor: John Maino and Nick Show and Friends and Family of Ben Edinger

“This scholarship means a lot to me, much more than you’d normally expect. I’m extremely grateful and honored to be receiving this scholarship. It means even more because I received it based on my school involvement rather than athletic or academics”

-Blake Champshare, Above and Beyond Scholarship
Sponsor: Sue LeTourneau

“This scholarship opens a new chapter in my future that allows me to make a difference in the animal community and influence future generations that you can achieve goals you set for yourself”

--Katy Koeppel, Nueske Family Scholarship of Excellence-Veterinarian Medicine
Sponsor: Nueske's Applewood Smoked Meats

“Receiving the Danny Dietz Scholarship of Honor means more to me than anyone will ever know.  I’m forever thankful to the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation for giving me the opportunity to venture into college and start the life that I know is destined for me.  The financial burdens of college are lessened with the help of the Scholarship Foundation and I’m very grateful. 

The scholarship not only provides financial help, but also support from amazing people throughout my journey to become a caretaker.  The family of Danny Dietz continually inspires me not only with their kindness, but also in their knowledge that people can change the world, like their son. 

Danny Dietz is a hero who supported his country in a very important and real way and I ‘ll be lucky if I’m to ever life up to his reputation.  His dedication and courage will forever remind and encourage me to help the world and my country by become a doctor and helping the communities around the world.”

-Michelle Mai-Danny Dietz Scholarship of Honor recipient
Sponsor: The Mader Family and the friends and family of Danny Dietz