Brian LaViolette Spirit Award

Last week we gathered with some very special people at our Spirit Award Luncheon to honor 6 individuals.  
The Brian LaViolette Spirit Award is our way to say 'thank you' to those individuals who give selflessly to improve their community and Brian's Foundation.

We were honored to present it to the following:

Darrel Burnett-our voice of the Foundation. He has been the Master of Ceremonies at all of our events and has helped us endlessly with copy edits and insights.  Darrel also sits on the Foundation's Board of  Directors and Advisory Board

Bill and Connie Schuler- our 'go to' team.  These two take responsibility without question and are the key to the success of our events. Connie also sits on our Advisory Board.
From left to right: Gregg Schneider, Ron and Colleen Weyers, Darrel Burnett, Connie and Bill Schuler
Gregg Schneider- our behind-the-scenes guy. Everything you have seen or held in your hand that showcases the Foundation has been designed by Gregg.  He has donated his design talent since the first day we became a Foundation.

Ron and Colleen Weyers-key supporters and believers in what we do. The entire Weyers family goes above and beyond to ensure the success of Brian's Foundation.  Their foundation has also sponsored several scholarships.