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AUGUST 18th--Doug LaViolette looks back 70 years at the carnage wrought by the Second World War and sees the good in humanity. “Look at the terrible things humanity has gone through and survived, and gone on to do good things in places where terrible things occurred,” he said. “I’m very optimistic and very moved.”

The Brian LaViolette Foundation was formed in the memory of Doug’s son, who drowned in August 1992 near Chambers Island. He was buried on Aug. 17, 1992. One of the more recent scholarship addition helps people in a Czech Republic city that still celebrates, and honors, the veterans who helped liberate it from the Germans in 1945.

 For the past two decades the foundation has been offering up scholarships to hundreds of area — and international — students. By the end of the year the foundation will have awarded 583 scholarships. “It’s not just the 583, it’s not just them that have been moved,” Doug Laviolette said about the impact of the scholarships from...continue reading article here: Two decades later, LaViolette scholarship program still touching lives and communities