Supporting some across the globe...update from one of our Poland Scholarship recipients

In 2009 I started bachelor’s studies and I received scholarship from your foundation first time. It was a huge distinction for me which motivated and still motivates me to hard work. This journey happily came to the end but I have started the new one (master’s studies) and once again had a pleasure to be one of your scholars. It is amazing feeling for me to be awarded your scholarship and for this I would like to thank you.

You inspired me to broaden my knowledge and to develop my skills. During the bachelor studies I tried to study hard and take first steps on my career path. My efforts were awarded and I was granted rector’s scholarship and gained professional experience in IBM and Colgate-Palmolive. I was also invited by Bank of America Merrill Lynch to participate in its Spring Insight Program in London. It was a huge accomplishment for me since I was the only participant from Polish universities.

 On master studies I am pursuing special course preparing for obtaining ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification. Two weeks ago I have also started an internship in Royal Bank of Scotland. I hope that both the course and the training will enrich my knowledge and skills and help my finding an interesting job in the future.

Your scholarship also inspired me to help others. It was an incentive for me to contribute to the community and to work as a volunteer. Thanks to you I become a math tutor in a primary school and help students with math and Polish. I trust that is this way I can contribute to building a better society.

Words cannot describe fully my gratitude for people like you but I hope that my work make you proud. Thank you for giving me inspiration.

Kind regards, Renata Bruzdziak