2013 Scholarship Recipients!

Phew, what a year so far!  We couldn't be happier with the recipients who recently received scholarships through Brian's Foundation. 

Out of the 37 scholarships we have awarded so far this year, 84% have plans to continue their education in a field where they can truly make a difference in their community or country.

They are our future.  They give us hope.

Each and everyone of them are a bright spot in the lives of others. We thank them in advance for continuing to make a difference in people's lives around them. 
2013 recipients so far, shown in bold.  (in order of presentation date)

Joel Gentz Scholarship: Benjamin Petry, United States Air Force

Sal Giunta Scholarship: Brandon Skaggs, Criminal Justice 

General George S. Patton Scholarship: Adela Tanzerova, Special Education

Matt Atkinson Community Scholarship: Kayla Skaletski, Social Work

Joe Welke Scholarship: Katianne Rath, Health Care

Ron Sager Scholarship:  Karen Arndt, Fire Protection 

Victoria Parmentier Scholarship: Alexis Dejardin, Elementary Education

Rachel Bosveld Scholarship:  Megan Moore, Pre-Med  

Kyle Hemauer Scholarship: Joshua Geiser, Criminal Justice 

Jerome Hatfield Scholarship: Hunter Guill, Pre-Med 

Andrew Brownfield Scholarship:  Bhim Sutar, Nursing

Isaiah Hunt Scholarship:  Aliece Kerscher, Nursing

Danny Dietz Scholarship: Rachel Lukowicz, Secondary Education

Robert Foley Scholarship: Larraine Saavedra, United States Army

Len Keller Scholarship: Martin Jimenez, Criminal Justice 

Brian LaViolette Scholarship: Lukas Butte, Pre-Med

Ryan Jerabek Scholarship: Emily Smithback, Secondary Education

Ben Edinger Scholarship: Melissa Shefchek, Nursing

John Bradley Scholarship: Christian J. Filipiak, Physician's Assistant 

James Cathey Scholarship:  Brent Bremer, United States Army

Brent Vroman Scholarship: Danielle Beck, Criminal Justice

Jesse Thiry Scholarship:  Grace Kanzenbach, Law Enforcement

Ken Hess Scholarship:  Nicole Madel, Pre-Med

Ollie Bogsted Scholarship: Hope Buhrandt, General Studies

"The Journey is the Reward" Scholarship: Danielle Fisher, General Studies

NWTC Scholarship-Suring High School: tba

Ken Kubsch Scholarship: Katherine Wolowicz, Education

Eric McColley Scholarship: Jason Altman, Aerospace Technology and ROTC

Nichole Frye Scholarship: Megan Roue, Criminal Justice 

Above and Beyond Scholarship: Logan Shallow, Pre-Med

Esther Cleveland Safford Scholarship: Savannah Libassi, Music Education

Robert Safford Scholarship: Brett Samuelson, Business Administration

"The Journey is the Reward" Scholarship (2): Caroline Heyka, Psychology and Scott VanHulle, Engineering

NWTC Scholarship-Oconto: Alexis Ermis, Healthcare 

Mike Colalillo Scholarship: Christopher Stolan, United States Air Force

Menasha Scholarship: Ashely Burrows, Criminal Justice

South Africa ScholarshipBrian Ntshikila, Teaching  

Tom Hudner: To be awarded in July

Nainoa Hoe Scholarship: To be awarded in August

Poland Scholarships (6): To be awarded in September

St. Norbert Scholarships (4): To be awarded in October 

Junior Achievement-Awarded during Business Challenge to Brenda Adamski in February