2008 Scholarship recipient donates back to Brian's Foundation

When Ben Fischl received the Brian LaViolette Scholarship in 2008 he stated, "As if I wasn't excited enough to go into the Academy, now I have a great legacy to carry with me," referring to Brian LaViolette and the mission of his foundation.

As with all of our scholarship recipients, he is special to us. Over the last 4 years, we have seen him grow even more passionate and more determined to make a difference.

Ben with Doug and Renee LaViolette in 2008

When we met Ben at the age of 18, we knew he had great compassion for others and life in general. We see it shine through him even more as he begins his last year at the Air Force Academy. 

Last year, we received an email from Ben stating that his loans have been paid off and he knew that this scholarship was meant for school expenses. After figuring out what other school costs he'd have this next year, he knew he'd have some of the funds left over. He donated $1,000 back to Brian's Foundation. Compassion.

Ben joined us at 'What's Right with America' on 11.11.11 and inspired the audience.

"I think it is so important to do for others exactly what has been done for you. I want future generations to be blessed by Brian's scholarship in the same way that I was," Ben stated on why he decided to give back to the Foundation.

After his sophomore year, Ben....Continue reading here!