Update from our South African Scholarship recipient

Andisani Tsengiwe has received our South African Scholarship for the 4th year in a row. Sponsors, Paul and Gloria Zimmerman decided to award the recipient for 4 years of his or her school, to assure they continue their eduction. Andisani continues to change the lives of those around him through his schooling. We are very proud of him!
Andisani pictured here with John Gilmour,
Director of LEAP school of Science and Math in S. Africa

"I decided to become a teacher because I love working with people and seeing positive change happening to me and the people around me. I am currently studying at UNISA (University of South Africa). I am majoring in English, my mother tongue language (IsiXhosa) and psychology as my back up subject. I love to involve myself with sports, especially soccer. I love to engage with people around me, getting to know people in a real and honest way.” Andisani