'What's Right with America" on 11.11.11

On 11.11.11, Brian's Foundation's event, "What's Right with America" reassured everyone in attendance that there is hope...there is good. Enjoy the following photos by Kim Klein.
Ben Fischl, 2008 Brian LaViolette Scholarship recipient came from Air Force Academy in Colorado to join us.

Mrs. Bradley, John Bradley's wife was the first to be escorted by Navy Chief Joel Stewart.  John Bradley will always be remembered for helping raise the flag on Iwo Jima, but his greatest accomplishment during WWII was saving the lives of combat Marines, for which he received the Navy Cross.
The LaViolette's with Green Bay Packers, Donald Driver. He was our first "Brian LaViolette Spirit Award" recipient for his work in our community and his foundation who help and inspire  the homeless.

USMC Sgt Alvin Dupree blessed the dinner and our evening

Tyler Hopkins, our first Scholarship of Honor Recipient in 2004.  He had returned from Afghanistan just weeks before and came from Louisiana. 

Brian LaViolette Spirit Award Recipient, George Patton Waters, General Patton's Grandson signs a portrait by Hollywood Artist Nicolosi, of his Grandfather

Nick Del Calzo, creator and photographer of the Medal of Honor Portraits of Valor.  He was another recipient of the Brian LaViolette Spirit Award for his work in Literature. 

Hollywood Artist, Nicolosi with his original works of art done just for the 11.11.11 auction

The powerful and talented Great American Orchestra and Vocal Ensemble

Our hard working volunteers at Check in and Registration

Zach Sites, 2007 Eric McColley Scholarship of Honor Recipient from Gettysburg, PA received the Brian LaViolette Spirit Award and spoke of how Brian's Foundation has helped him through the years.
We can't thank everyone who was involved to make 'What's Right with America' a night to remember!