Packers Donald Driver to Receive ‘Spirit Award’ on 11.11.11

We are proud to announce that the Green Bay Packers' Donald Driver (#80) will receive our first ever Brian LaViolette Spirit Award the night of 11.11.11!! Donald was chosen for his tireless work in helping the homeless, inspiring students and supporting community organizations and causes.

Donald Driver is one of those individuals who started with nothing and has worked hard to better not only his life but the lives of so many around him and we think he is the perfect choice for the Spirit Award.

Like all Packers fans worldwide, we are proud of Donald's great accomplishments on the field, but more importantly he was selected for the qualities he demonstrates off the field……his strength of character, perseverance, hard work, dedication, love of family and community spirit.

Other honorees have been selected in the fields of philanthropy, literature and community service and will be recognized during this historic evening.

If you'd like to be there to witness Donald Driver receiving the Brian LaViolette Spirit Award, please contact us at 920-655-4098 for ticket information.