Scholarships awarded in Poland

Rarely as a city, country or international community are we able to break down the walls that separate us and join together our common bonds, dreams and futures.

Brian's Foundation feels fortunate to have created a partnership with the Nidzica Foundation in Poland.  For 7 years, we have awarded life-changing scholarships to students in Poland to support his or her educational journey.

Thanks to sponsors of these scholarships-the Bob Nueske Family, Dr. Mike and Sue Smullen and the Weyers Family Foundation-we have continued to break down the walls and join together in our common dreams and futures.

The photo from the presentation on Saturday includes: Sylwia Zienkiewicz (recipient), Sebastan Kornet (recipient), Barbara Ploska (a member of the Board of the Nidzica Community Foundation), Barbara Margol (the President of the Nidzica Community Foundation), Katarzyna Szamborska (recipient), and Andrzej Zawieska (Nidzica Foundation)

Our other two recipients, Aneta Rudzinska and Ewa Sutkowska were not able to attend the celebration.