Robert Foley Scholarship of Honor at West Point

The LTG Robert Foley Scholarship of Honor at West Point was presented on May 18th to a Cadet who excels in all areas, despite personal hardship while a cadet. This year, the honor was awarded to Cadet Todd Lambka.

CDT Lambka is an inspiration and a true role-model for cadets and other young adults. He serves as a great example of personal determination.

After CDT Lambka received the award, he wrote a very long, heartfelt letter part of which included:

I am humbled and extremely honored to be chosen to receive this significant award, the LTG (R) Robert Foley Scholarship of Honor, and I am equally touched that I can now be part of the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation and can only promise that I will serve humbly and honorably to the best of my ability in Peacetime and in combat in part to honor the memory of Brian and all that he did on earth, as well as continue the proud tradition in joining the Long Gray Line and living “DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY.”

Today, I finish on significant chapter in my life, graduating from West Point, but I begin to embark on a more significant chapter… leading soldiers in our Military, representing the greatest Nation… indeed, as I begin my life as an Officer in the Profession of Arms… it is clearly evident to me… the “Journey is the Reward!”

Congratulations Todd...thanks for all you do!

Pictured here with his father and brother.