Brian’s Story featured in “A Second Wind”

In “A Second Wind”, Pastor Arni Jacobson and writer Robert Mims explore what happens when life’s greatest successes and spiritual victories are unexpectedly followed by stunning setbacks, doubt and depression. All these accounts are connected by the need for the spiritual equivalent of what all long-distance runners crave — the breath and grace to finish what remains ahead. That second wind is the blessing to rebound from victory-to-valley experiences to even greater triumphs in life.

The LaViolette family met Arni in 1992 shortly after his family had moved to Green Bay to start Bayside Christian Fellowship Church in Green Bay. Arni and his congregation became devoted supporters of his Foundation. He continues to support as he serves on Brian’s Foundation Board of Advisors.
Arni is a pastor, mentor, church planter, motivator, author, father, and grandfather. He has more than 30 successful years in ministry and has built dynamic churches in Merrill, Wisconsin; Salt Lake City, Utah; Salem, Oregon; and pioneered a church of more than 3,000 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Arni and his wife, Jan, have two children, and are very proud of their grandchildren.
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