Scholarships presented in Nidzica, Poland

Thanks to our sponsors, 7 students received a life-changing scholarship in Nidzica, Poland on September 26, 2008. The Casey Cuene family, the Robert Nueske Family, Dr. Michael and Susan Smullen and the Weyers Family Foundation, along with the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation make this possible annually. Brian’s Foundation has worked with Nidzica Community Foundation in Poland since 2003.

Each scholarship recipient is awarded $500, along with a specially designed engraved Scholarship of Honor Medal. The inscription on the back includes the name of the recipient along with the saying:

With commitment your strength will endure
With compassion you’ll share understanding
And through knowledge, the world will be a more peaceful place.

The pure white ribbon holds the medal close to your heart, signifying our common bond, the international symbol of peace.

The photo features our 2008 Scholarship recipients (left to right): Andrzej Zawieska (Nidzica Community Foundation), Grzegorz Bruzdziak, Jakub Piasecki, Mr Tadeusz Hinc (Community businessman), Jakub Siedlecki, Bartosz Karla, Joanna Pfajfer and Ewelina Stepien. Anna Moszczynska (photo on left) also received the scholarship at an earlier date.