25 of the best!

As part of our 25th year as a Foundation, we are excited to feature 25 different individuals. They have been involved with the Foundation in some way, whether he or she was as scholarship recipient, sponsor, school counselor or family we work with, each has a unique story.

We hope you enjoy hearing from these 25 special individuals... we are thankful they are willing to share their story with you


Ben fischl

When we met Ben Fischl at the age of 18, we knew he had a great compassion for others and life in general.  We have watched him grow even more passionate and more determined to make a difference.  

We think you will feel and see what we mean here... 


Pam Bodart

Gold Star Mother, Pam Bodart shares about her son, Isaiah Hunt, who was killed in Iraq in 2004 and the impact the scholarship in his name has in the community.

Pam, along with sponsors Omnova Solutions Foundation, selects and presents the scholarship each year at Bay Port High School in Howard, Wisconsin. 


Margaret viola

Margaret knew aerospace was for her when she was teaching in Somalia in East Africa.  She found herself volunteering at the area's airport and returned to the U.S. with a dream of receiving her private pilots license.  She has achieved that and more with a career at Virgin Galactic and now Airbus.  We think you will enjoy hearing more from her...


victoria parmentier

Vicki Parmentier has been involved with Brian's Foundation since day one.  She is the sponsor of several scholarships and is an active Advisory Board member.


perry kidder

Perry Kidder serves on the Brian LaViolette Foundation Board of Advisors.  He is an active member of the community and is involved with many other organizations in Northeast Wisconsin.  He shares a little more about Brian's Foundation and why he chooses to be a board member in this short video. 



nikitha murali

Nikitha has accomplished a lot since she received the Brain LaViolette Scholarship in 2011.  She is now attending Medical School at Yale and shares more about her journey.


renata bruzdziak

Renata Bruzdziak received the International Scholarship of Honor in Poland.  She has graduated from the University of Warsaw.



Rose Scannell

Rose (right) with Scholarship Recipient, Nikita Konkel

Rose (right) with Scholarship Recipient, Nikita Konkel

We met Rose in 2005 after her son, Ben Edinger, was killed in duty in Iraq in late 2004.  He had graduated from Green Bay West in 1999 and attend UW-Oshkosh for one year before joining the Marines. 

We are in the 13th year of awarding the Ben Edinger Scholarship of Honor.  And we are proud to do so each year. 

Ben's mom, Rose is very involved with the section process and making the presentation.  

She has shared what this scholarship means to her and the community here...


kelly szczepanski

Kelly received the Brian LaViolette Scholarship in 2014.  She is studying nursing at UW-Oshkosh and will be graduating in December of 2017.  She shares more and says thank you in this short 1 minutes video. 

She writes more on her experience receiving the scholarship here