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Sgt. Benjamin Adams

Benjamin Adams graduated from Southward High School in Shreveport, LA 

Ben was a son, a brother, and a fiercely loyal friend. He was an amazing father figure to his niece, and was daddy to two beautiful dogs. He was mischievous, adventurous, and full of life.

Ben was an American soldier in the United States Army. As a sergeant, Ben was part of the Iraqi Freedom Team. He ran over 200 missions, during his deployment. Near the end of his tour, Ben's vehicle encountered an IED. He sustained serious neck and back injuries, as well as substantial injuries to his brain. 

Ben, while struggling with his own post-war issues, reached out to others who were in the same situation. It was important to him to help and support his brothers & sisters; to listen and to talk. In helping others to heal, he-in turn, helped himself.

Ben was a member of organizations designed to be support networks for military veterans that often struggled with PTSD, addiction, and integration into the civilian lifestyle. He belonged to 22KILL, Operation "Rock The Troops" and the American Infidels.

To properly pay homage to Ben, his family sincerely hopes that others will follow in his footsteps by reaching out to those in need. To be brave enough to show your vulnerabilities, and to ask for help... Care enough to listen to a friend who is struggling, and wise enough to know that a smile or a fit of anger often masks great sadness and loneliness.

Ben was lost on May 3, 2017.