What does this scholarship mean to you?


“I was very surprised and honored to receive such a personal, meaningful scholarship and medal. I am looking forward to carrying my humble attitude of service into college and beyond. This scholarship reminded me of the proper attitude to have in life.”

    --Katrina Gucinski, 2011 Ron Sager Scholarship of Honor recipient


“This scholarship will be a big financial help for all of my college expenses. It also means that grieving parents saw me worth of a scholarship in their child’s name and that means so much to me. Thank you.”

    --Elexsis Blum, 2011 Nichole Frye Scholarship of Honor recipient


“Knowing Brian’s passion for life has inspired me to give everything I have into whatever I do. I now have a greater appreciation for my family, friends and the people around me. I hope you know that I will remember Brian and your family for the rest of my life. I can’t thank you enough for this scholarship and honor. “

   --Nikhitha Murali, 2011 Brian LaViolette Scholarship Recipient


“Thank you for the generous Robert C. Safford Scholarship. It is an honor to receive this scholarship. It will help me greatly when I attend college this fall. I sincerely appreciate your help. I am very excited and look forward to pursuing a degree in business at UW-Oshkosh this fall”

   --Zachary Westenberg, 2011 Robert C. Safford recipient


“I met your Dad on a plane back from Prague and had a great time talking about the work the foundation is doing. I was inspired and humbled. I was energized and optimistic about life no matter what hardship one goes through”.

   --Zoubair Esseghaier


“I am honored to be the Oconto recipient of ‘The Journey is the Reward Scholarship”. I would just like to say thank you because your generous support is not only allowing me to go to college at UW-Milwaukee but has given me inspiration. Brian’s story is a touching one and has certainly touched my heart. Every day I strive to be as great as I can and I always remember that “The Journey is the Reward”.

  --Kylateia Farrar, “The Journey is the Reward” Scholarship recipient, Oconto High 2011


“Thank you very much for everything. Being the recipient of this year’s scholarship was one of the most humbling and honorable moments of my life. I plan on using the money to help pay for books and tuition next year. I plan on keeping in touch and would like to possibly help contribute to the fund in the future. Thank you so much for everything.”

  --Jonathan Hartzel, 2011 Eric McColley Scholarship recipient


“Receiving the John Bradley Scholarship of Honor is a great privilege. I am very thankful to the Bradley family for presenting this opportunity to me. This award will help me pay for my studies in aerospace engineering at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, where I will also participate in the Air Force ROTC.”  

  --Elizabeth Seitz, John Bradley Scholarship of Honor recipient, 2011


“ I am honored to receive the Scholarship of Honor for Jesse Thiry. This scholarship means so much to me. I believe that the community is learning that America is the land of the free because of the brave. Receiving the scholarship means so much to me and I am grateful that your work allows many students to receive scholarships.”

  --Elizabeth Jerabek, 2011 Jesse Thiry Scholarship of Honor recipient


“I would like to thank you and the Brian LaViolette Scholarship program. It is an honor to have been selected to receive the scholarship of honor. This scholarship will be helpful and will be used towards my future goals at the UW-Oshkosh criminal justice program.”

  --Tyler Smith, 2011 Ryan Jerabek Scholarship of Honor recipient


“I realized that Danny was a model for who I want to be: a person of honor and courage with a sense of duty and desire to serve. I can look to Danny’s character as an example to set the standards in my life. For success is not what you possess but what you give to others. As I look forward to the future, I will do my best to keep the honor of the Dietz family and the Brian LaViolette foundation. Thank you for this opportunity.”

  --Matthew Rayl, 2011 Danny Dietz Scholarship of Honor


“This scholarship is very important to me because it honors a hero from my hometown. Corporal Joseph Welke was a brave warrior that I truly admire. I aspire to serve my country as Joe did, and I wish to be as brave and valiant as Joe was.”

  --Adam Brubakken, 2011 Joe Welke Scholarship of Honor recipient


“Thank you for choosing me for the Above and Beyond Scholarship. It was a great honor. When I get back from basic training, I’ll be sure to let you know how it was. I’ll do my best for you and our country in the Army.”

  --Landon James, Above and Beyond Scholarship recipient 2011


“The whole scholarship is an honor to receive. It was such a blessing to be able to shake the hand of and receive the medal from Isaiah Hunt’s brother. The scholarship helps so much for my future finances and I am extremely thankful for that. Thank you so much for everything and may God bless your Foundation.”

  --Richard Fischl, 2011 Isaiah Hunt Scholarship of Honor recipient


“…I will go above and beyond to be the best nurse I can be and do my part in making a difference in the world. I will continue to be an active member of my community through volunteering and being a leader. You really have made a huge difference in my life, and opened so many doors for me. I cannot say thank you enough, but in return, I will do everything to make you proud.”

  --Krista Burke, 2011 Ben Edinger Scholarship of Honor recipient


“I am humbled and honored to receive this award and excited to learn and grow and hopefully continue in the Warrior Battalion’s tradition of exemplary service as an Army Officer”

  --James C. Mahoney, Nainoa Hoe Scholarship of Honor recipient 2011


“It was not only the financial aid of the scholarship, but the sincere encouragement of the award ceremony that gave me a boost of inspiration integrally helpful in undertaking the endeavor. Thank you so much for everything you do.”

  --Margaret Viola, 2011 Tom Hudner Scholarship of Honor recipient




 “It is with great pleasure, pride and sincere gratitude that I accept this award in Brian’s memory. I will work hard to live up to all that Brian believed in and I will remember to give back.”

        --Tyler Klozotsky, 2010 Above and Beyond Scholarship, Oconto High School  


“I was truly touched when I heard my name called for this prestige scholarship. It was an honor to receive this scholarship and I am proud to carry on Isaiah’s name by going into the nursing profession. I strongly believe that I was meant to help others and therefore chose a career path in nursing. With your help and Isaiah’s too, my “glass is half full” prospective will never die, but grown stranger as I move forward in life.”

           --Britney Rebman, 2010 Isaiah Hunt Scholarship of Honor


 “I am beyond honored to have received this award and the accompanying scholarship.  I’m honored to be associated with the honorable name and legacy of John Bradley.  I also appreciate the opportunities that the Brian LaViolette Foundation has opened for me…your gift shows your faith in me and in my future and for that I thank you. “

        --Benjamin Hanson,  John Bradley Scholarship of Honor


  “This scholarship means more than anything to me. I know that to further my education I needed help. This scholarship has brought me faith, knowing that this scholarship will help me achieve my lifelong goals”

      --Brittany Thomas, 2010 Ollie Bogsted Scholarship


  “It has been an honor to receive this scholarship and I would like to sincerely thank you. I have also lost someone close to me, so I know the pain it can bring. It’s amazing that you have the strength and courage to turn that situation around into something so wonderful for the benefit of others. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity you have given me and will always remember your generosity.”

         --Jenna Sperberg, 2010 The Journey is the Reward Scholarship


“Thank you very much for granting me with the Jesse Thiry Scholarship of Honor. I am honored that I was considered eligible enough to be awarded this scholarship and the money I received will be used to help pay for college tuition at U.W. Madison. The medal I received will always be there to remind me to do my best and be thankful for what I have been given.”

             -- April LeGrave, 2010 Jesse Thiry Scholarship of Honor


"This scholarship shows to me a pre-emptive view on any sort of appreciation I may receive in the future. Also, this scholarship shows me in a very tangible way that people who do make a positive impact on their community are always remembered. I am extremely honored to say the least.”

         --Nicholas Wright, 2010 Ken Hess Scholarship of Honor


  “Thank you very much for presenting me with the James Cathey Scholarship of Honor. The scholarship is unique because of its background and what it stands for. It is a tremendous honor to receive this scholarship commemorating Brian and James and all the others who gave so much. I plan to follow in LT James Cathey’s path in becoming an officer in the United States Marine Corps. I feel an overwhelming sense of pride for receiving this scholarship. It means so much to me because of all that it represents. Thank you. “

         --Kyle William Auld, 2010 James Cathey Scholarship of Honor


“I wanted to personally thank you for the Brian LaViolette scholarship. I am a senior at St. Norbert College this year and will be graduating in May of 2011. This is an exciting time for me as I begin to head out into the real world. I accepted a full-time job as a staff accountant beginning in September of 2011. Without your generosity, I would have never been able to get this job offer. You have changed my life with your generosity. Thank you so much!”

       --Adam DeCleene, 2010 St. Norbert Recipient