What does this scholarship mean to you?


I am honored to receive the first Ron Sager Scholarship award. It gives me great joy knowing I am the first individual to be given a gift of such honor. Thank you for helping me as I start my studies into the criminal justice field. I wish you a blessed future.

             --Trisha S. Brockman-Ron Sager Scholarship of Honor

I feel honored to now be a part of Brian’s legacy, and will use the scholarship to help accomplish my goals. Thank you for your generosity.

             -- Alex Mattke, Distinguished Student Award



“You have been an inspiration to me, and Brian's memory motivates me to achieve and be a better person. I am proud to carry on his legacy.”

          --Brittany Van Remortel, Brian LaViolette Scholarship

“Thank you for all of the effort you put in to make the Scholarship of Honor and all of the other scholarships in Brian’s honor possible. It was a great honor to receive the scholarship in remembrance of him and John Bradley. Both left exceptional legacies that I hope to follow.”

          --Luke Justman, John Bradley Scholarship of Honor

“Thank you, and the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Program for the great opportunities this scholarship is giving me in the next few years of college, as well as the influential impact it will have on my future outside of college. Once again, thank you for this amazing opportunity to give back to my country, a place that has given me so much. I can not thank you enough for this honor.”

          --Joanne Phipps, Kenny Hess Scholarship of Honor



"I would like to say it was the biggest honor being chosen for my sister’s scholarship. I intend to keep her dream alive till the day I die. I can’t thank you enough. I will put it towards my schooling for tuition and books. "

        --Bill Frye,Nichole Frye Scholarship of Honor

"Thank you so much for EVERYTHING. The love that you continue to spread is admirable for a young person like me and rest assured I will carry a piece of your family’s legacy with me throughout the rest of my life. I know tomorrow is not promised so I’ll live each day with purpose. Thank you for being part of my Journey!" 

        --Ben Fischl, Brian LaViolette Scholarship recipient



“Without a doubt this scholarship will play a huge role in my studies. It will also help me to engage and connect more in the global village. The meaning of this scholarship I can’t express in words because they sound so light. Thanks to everyone who made this relationship possible for me.”

          --Andisane Makapela, South African Scholarship of Honor, 2009 and 2010

"This scholarship is giving me the chance to further my education not only to receive a great academic standard, but also giving me the chance to meet new people and learn about life and lessons endured throughout the experience. Nothing means more than the faith and encouragement you’ve given me by choosing me for this scholarship!”

          --Stephanie Schools, 2009 Ollie Bogsted Scholarship, Suring High School

"This scholarship means WAY more to me than just the money. This is an honor that words can’t even describe. I won an award in honor of somebody who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting what he loves…his country. There is no greater love than that and I only wish and hope that I can repay him for protecting me and all that I love."

        --Daniel Stammer, 2009 Isaiah Hunt Scholarship of Honor